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For about as long as I can remember, I've wanted to begin hunting. I'm not exactly sure why this is the case, but I've had this undeniable desire to go hunting for years and years. I've learned, though, that hunting is often something you do if your family does it, and my family doesn't. My dad and grandfather used to take me fishing all the time growing up, and it was a blast...that was our thing. I had many happy moments out there on the boat. (Speaking of my Dad, he's been the director of the barbershop chorus in Ashland, KY, for about 17 years, and he finally decided to step down. You can read about him here.)

Well, anyway, now I have a great buddy here at BCN, Jason, who is a longtime hunter, and he'd been offering to take me. So a couple months ago I got a license, and we've been hunting three times now. We've already had many great times and some adventurous moments, but hadn't had any luck with getting anything...until yesterday.

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mmmm....dinner is served! Good stuff.

11:59 AM

thats family is a huge hunting family...and ducks are my favorite to hung.

8:58 AM

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